Dear Pastor and Friends,

We are anxious to have the grand opening for Newton Park Baptist Church on February 4th. Last month we announced the church would be called Hope Baptist Church, but shortly after our letter went out we were informed from the city that we would be able to legally use our first choice of name, “Newton Park Baptist Church.” This is the name of the area we are located in, but this name previously was taken. There is no longer a Baptist church in the area (besides the Afrikaans Baptist Church), and so we decided to take it. Currently it’s summer here in PE and everything closes down for several weeks. That has made it rather challenging to get all of our materials, invitations, signage, etc. printed, but Lord willing, it will all be finished before that date. We have already passed out around 2000 invitations. Another box of 5000 should come in within the next week, and all will need to be passed out before the 4th.

We have been averaging around 15 people every Saturday for our evangelism training and outreach. We are watching the old video series, “Way of the Master.” It’s been exciting to get out in the community and share the gospel. Every week God has allowed us the privilege to witness to several people. Pray the Lord would use our efforts to build His church.


Jr. Camp was incredibly fruitful this year. Twenty-two kids made professions of faith in Christ for salvation! My oldest son, Brayden, was able to help lead music and work as an assistant counslor. Teen camp will start on Tuesday, Jan 9-12th. Right now, we have 13 teens signed up from NPBC to attend, 10 of whom we know are not yet believers. Certainly there will be dozens more from the other churches in need of salvation. My brother, Kevin Hall, will be the main preacher this year. Pray God uses him, along with all the other messages to convict hearts and draw sinners to Him.

Other Events and Prayer Requests for January:

  • Jan 23rd classes will start back at Bay Baptist Academy & High School. We will have our planning and prep week the week before, the 15-19th. I was able to meet this week with a potential Math teacher for the high school. Pray the Lord gives us what we need.
  • In the last month and half God supplied $32,000 for the construction of two new classrooms. We plan to break ground as soon as our builders return from Holiday. Pray that this building program will proceed as swiftly and efficiently as possible.
  • Jan 26th, NPBC will have a youth movie night to kick off the new year. The gospel will be presented.
  • XhosaResources is about to get cranked up again! This ministry has been on pause long enough. For those who don’t know, this is our website and podcast were we produce and make available preaching and teaching in the isiXhosa language.


We pray you have a blessed and prosperous 2024 in the ministry that the Lord has given to you. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support to this ministry.

Jeremy and Rebekah Hall


Support Address | Special Note From The Vision Baptist Missions Financial Office

Vision Baptist Missions will use a new PO Box for missionary support and mail. The new address is below:

Vision Baptist Missions, Inc.
PO Box 647
Dawsonville, GA 30534

Specifically, to support our family and ministry, make all checks payable to Vision Baptist Missions,  write “Jeremy Hall” in the memo section,  for the Academy or High School , write, “Bay Baptist Academy” in the memo section.