Dear Pastor and Friends,

NPBC (Newton Park Baptist Church): Our weekly schedule is fairly traditional and God seems to be using it. It consist of services on Wednesday evenings at 6pm, Sunday mornings at 9am, and Sunday afternoons at 4pm. We are currently studying through the Gospel of John. After the morning service, we have a small group Bible study for potential new members (the Genesis Group). We also have Friday night youth meetings from 6-8pm, and Saturdays we have corporate outreach at 10:30am. We officially started on February 4th and our average attendance for February was 34 in the morning and 92 for the afternoon. The difference in attendance is because our afternoon service is attended by several small groups of people from other congregations who do not have services. We have seen 4 people saved, and Lord willing, we will have our first baptisms next Sunday!


BBLS (Bay Baptist Language School) – Another ministry that we have, that you may not be aware of is our language school. We are currently utilising our high school property for this ministry while we await our rezoning and permissions. At present, Chase and Ashley Southard (my nephew and his wife), along with Brandon Byerly (our newly appointed project manager), are studying isiXhosa. In March, we will add a new intern, Ben Cherry, to the school part time, as he will be serving with us for the next 6 months.


BBA (Bay Baptist Academy) – We are at a stand still with our building program (since Jan 15th), currently waiting on the city to approve our plans. We have the ground prepared, graded, foundations dug, and waiting to build. Pray for favor with the inspector and town planner and approval very soon as we have several new students expected to join us over the next few weeks. We should receive an answer by next Friday of how to proceed.

(Picture from BBA outing to the Logos Ship, March 6th, 2024)


Other praises and prayer requests:

God answered our prayers for a math teacher; Adam Cesar joined our staff in January.
We also had another teacher (English) decide to join our team after her survey trip last month, Joy Wahl of Shelby, NC. She is currently raising funds, and we are hoping for a miracle, praying she will be with us by next January, as we desperately need her.
We are currently helping host a small group of six from Mattoon, IL: Pastor Ryan Hayden and others from Bible BC.
Pray with us that some of the visitors who are coming to NPBC will get saved, and join us in turning the world upside down in our generation.
Thank you for all that you do!

Jeremy and Rebekah Hall