It’s summer here, and most are away on holiday. We are staying busy, currently in the middle of teen camp this week and junior camp next week. Because of space, my cousin, Mark Coffey, who runs Camp Rhino, divided the campers a little differently this year, separating the guys and the girls. Right now there are 81 teen boy campers. That is, until tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec 5), when the teen girls will replace them. I had the privilege of preaching Monday night, and God blessed with two guys making professions of faith after the message.  I will preach again on Friday night to the teen girls. Please pray for all the campers and the decisions that they are making.

Since our return from furlough, we have been assisting Pastor Mxolisi Dama at Soweto and Bayland Baptist Churches. Last week, we restarted a new Sunday School class for men in Soweto. God blessed with 8 men our first week. Also, February 6 we will be starting a monthly 4 week new members course, to give folks a clearer path to membership. Covid disturbed many of the ministries that helped organize and equip the saints over the past year, but not any longer! We are excited to see what God does in 2022. At Bayland, since we now have electricity in this new settlement, we plan to start a midweek evening service in just 3 weeks, February 2nd. We are currently planning an open air meeting to kick off this new service and have several preachers join us.

Things are progressing rather quickly with Bay Baptist Academy. We took possession of the property on December 20th. We are in the middle of several renovations; completely remodelling one restroom, turning an old garage into a temporary chapel, and refinishing all the floors (inside the buildings and out). This week we also begin to repaint the building, build desks for all the students and cupboards for every classroom, give the main entrance a facelift by installing a veranda with a wheelchair ramp and a set of stairs, and build a full bathroom for the chapel (which will eventually be used as an apartment for interning teachers). We have to finish all of these projects in just 15 days! The school starts on January 19th. Before then, on the 17th, the staff of BBA will be going to the neighbouring city of Uitenhage (about a 45 min. drive) for two days to shadow a Christian school that currently uses the same curriculum and schedule that we plan to implement.


Other Prayer Requests and Praises:

  • In December, two individuals committed to help sponsor two students for 2022. There are still currently 10 students with no sponsor ($130 per month).
  • There is a connecting property that we are prayerfully considering trying to acquire (the same size as our current facilities)
  • We need more preachers who desire to start churches. Pray as the Bay Bible College starts back the 1st week of February. Please pray for 12 new men and women to be raised up in the local churches this year who would begin their preparation.
  • Amanda Baine, our first teacher intern, arrived safely and is getting settled into her new routine.
  • Continue to pray for Katie Dilfer, Lynette Osborn, and a new name John Fitts, all who plan to arrive this year and use their gifts and talents to glorify God and grow His church.
  • We are needing R60,000 ($3,738.00) to build our parking lot for BBA, also another R160,000 ($10,000) for a vehicle to transport kids to and from school.

We are so grateful for your partnership with our ministry in 2021. God has been too good in allowing us to do what we do and have folks like you who faithfully hold the rope. We sincerely thank you and we pray that God gives you a happy and prosperous new year!

Lord bless,
Jeremy and Rebekah Hall


Support Address:
Vision Baptist Missions
Att. Jeremy Hall
P.O. Box 442
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Home Church:
Whitfield Baptist Church
Pastor Wayne Cofield
2134 Dug Gap Rd. 
Dalton, GA 30720

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