I just want to PRAISE MY LORD out loud today for a minute! 1 year ago on this day our youngest boy, Bo, was on his 11th day of chemotherapy for his FRNS. In some ways, it seems so long ago, and others like it was yesterday. He is still in complete remission with absolutely no signs of any side effects. I do believe the proper term for this as a believer is HEALED 🙂 God is good and we are incredibly grateful to Him and for His healing hands.

New Church Plant
: Newton Park Bible Study has been going for 5 weeks, and we saw our first salvation decision last Sunday. A 14 year old boy named Rubin made the decision to receive Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Also, we had an incredible attendance on Sunday of 111 people. That number included 51 people from SOS children’s home outreach (12 teenagers, 5 house moms, and the rest children; instant children’s church), and several other members from other local congregations. Last week, the Lord opened a door for me to share my testimony and the gospel with the orphanage which is only a few streets away from our current location. It looks like we will have the ongoing opportunity to minister to these folks.

As was mentioned in our last update, we are in another building project at Bay Baptist Academy. We were able to complete a much needed new classroom during our spring break, two weeks back. Lord willing, we will finish this week with the expansion of the office area and foyer. We had hoped to finish it all during the break, but the rain delayed the process. Tomorrow I have an interview with another parent who wants to enrol their child for next year. That will put us over 50 students for 2024. God is growing His work.



Today, we will welcome a small group of five young men from the states. Part of their activities while they are here will be preaching in our local churches, an evangelistic outreach program at the SOS children’s home, and then this Friday and Saturday there will be a one night junior camp for 9-12 year olds at Camp Rhino. Please pray that the Lord uses this time in their lives to increase a burden to reach into all the world with the gospel, and to build His church.

Other Prayer Requests: 

  • High School Teachers for Bay Baptist High School for 2024
  • 1 new Family unit to get saved in Newton Park
  • The Bible College students and their classes as they prepare to become pastors, missionaries, and more effective teachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Registration for the High School and also for our visa paper work to go through

Thank you so much for all that you do!


Jeremy and Rebekah Hall