Dear Pastor and Friends,

I had a super upbeat prayer letter with lots of praises I was about to send out, then last night happened. My dad, Mike Hall (64 years old), suddenly passed away. He was on his job site (he’s a contractor, always working) when, it seems, he had a massive heart attack. From what I was told, the paramedics arrived on the scene quickly and tried to resuscitate him for over 20 minutes. Please pray for my family as we are all in shock and heart broken, and as we make arrangements to fly back to the States tomorrow night.

One thing I praise the Lord for was the opportunity to have talked to him face to face (via messenger) just a few hours before. That’s something we would do regularly, at least once a week, sometimes many more. Though we were separated by 10k miles, we were still very close. I was showing him the remodeling that’s currently underway at BBHS, and getting his advice for future expansion. The kids were there too, so they all got to say a word to him.

We will be back in the states for several weeks, until March 8th, for the funeral and settling some personal things.  I am not sure of the arrangements yet. I will try and keep you posted on social media.


Now, for what I was about to send out:

  • We welcomed two new families to SA this last month, the Byerley’s and the Bartons. We also have a new intern who arrived two weeks back, Madison Brown. As a result, we have started a language school on the campus of Bay Baptist High School property. Currently, we are teaching Afrikaans and isiXhosa classes. We are utilizing the property, though not as a high school just yet as we are still awaiting paperwork and permissions to do so.
  • Last month, I had the privilege to take Josh Barton (intern) on a short survey trip to Maputo, Mozambique. There is a tremendous need for churches. We found only 3 Baptist churches in a city of 1.1 million people. Please pray for the Barton family as they are praying about going there as church planters.
  • The first two weeks of the year we had youth camp, first week was boys, second was girls, and in December we had our junior camp. In total 61 kids made a profession of faith in Christ at camp.
  • The registration process for BBA is over! We had our final inspection  on Feb 7th, everything was in order, and we should be officially registered within 90 days.
  • Continue to pray for our visa situation. That too has been in process since February of last year. It’s a mess.
  • This month Soweto Baptist Church will celebrate their 7th anniversary. There are two young men from that church who are currently preparing to be in the ministry full time, one as a pastor, the other as a missionary.
  • Our Bible college classes will start on Tuesday, February 14th. I am preparing now to teach a 16 week class on Hermeneutics. It now appears I will be teaching via video call for the first three weeks.

Thank you so much for your prayers and continued support. We pray the Lord blesses you for all that you do!

Jeremy and Rebekah Hall

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Vision Baptist Missions
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