Things have been insanely busy for us over the last couple of months. We have had 83 American visitors, from 5 different churches, here for a total of 50 days.

BFWE Church Happenings:

Personally, we enjoyed great Father’s Day services at both Soweto and Bayland Baptist Churches, not only with our men, but with a few good fathers from America.

Two men made professions of faith this month, Xolisa and Qhaqhama (pictured below, accompanied by Micah Turner). We are excited to begin some foundation studies with these men and help them as they begin to grow and discover their new lives in Christ..

With help from a group from the states and our fellowship of churches, we had two one-day teen camps at Camp Rhino; the guys one day and the girls the following day. There were a total of 15 professions of faith between the two.

Coming up, July 11-15, we will have a winter junior camp for 9-12 year olds. Please remember this event in your prayers.


Bay Baptist Academy: 

Friday, June 24th, we successfully completed our first 1/2 of the year. We currently have 27 students and Lord willing, we will add one more when we return from our winter break (which started on Friday afternoon and goes until July 19th). Sixteen of our students are fully scholar-shipped by my family and two other students have received scholarships from other individuals in the US. There are 5 different pastor’s kids scholar-shipped , 1 orphan, and the rest are kids from single moms. I have 8 applications already for next year. We currently have students in grades K-7; four different classrooms, 2 of which host multiple grades (grade 2-4 in one class, and grades 5-7 in another).

We are in the middle of three different building projects at the moment; a new chapel which will seat 50 students, remodelling a garage into an apartment for one of our American missionary teachers, and also a 1700sq ft multipurpose building (actually it’s only going to be the foundation, slab, and knee high walls for the moment while we are still waiting on our rezoning and approvals).

We currently have a large staff for such a small school; 4 teachers, a secretary, a principal/ administrator (me), a maintenance man (who is also our bus driver), and we have 2 more people who are about to begin a training program next week who will work as monitors (paraprofessionals). We also have others who come in and donate their time with teaching things like home economics, music, construction, PE, etc.

Currently each student costs approximately $130+/- per month ($1,500 a year), that includes transportation to and from school. If you would be interested in sponsoring a student, please write me for more information, or you can send donations directly to our school through our board (please label any donations, Jeremy Hall/BBA Account). One hundred percent of every donation goes directly to the support of the school.


Vision Baptist Missions:

Our Mission Board is hosting “The World’s Cheapest Mission Trip.” It is a four day all-inclusive feat! Participants will see mosques, temples and cathedrals, and go on a scavenger hunt full of riddles, competitions and speed. It’s a trip of a lifetime for teenagers and young adults who are passionate about reaching the world with the Gospel. Unashamedly, there will be a promotion of surrendering your life to become a missionary.


Thanks again for all that you do.



Jeremy and Rebekah Hall