Thank you for your prayers for Bo. If you did not see on social media, he was in the hospital for 8 days this month. Bo was diagnosed with Minimal Change Disease which causes Nephrotic Syndrome (a kidney disease). Minimal Change is the form of NS that he should be able to outgrow by the time he’s a teen. Praise the Lord, he’s home and doing very well, back to his normal self. A small change in diet, monitoring for symptoms of return (and of course continued prayer) should be all that is necessary to
keep him healthy.

At the same time Bo was hospitalized, we had a great group of 19 visit from a supporting church, Immanuel Baptist Church in Corunna, MI along with another church, Hope Baptist from Cincinnati, OH. My nephew and his wife (Chase and Ashley Southard) brought the group over and used the time as their survey trip. Please continue to pray that they would be able to raise their remaining funds needed to join us here by February 2023.

God supplied the funds needed to finish the small chapel at Bay Baptist Academy. The group visiting spent a day and and a half at the school and helped us frame up the roofing structure. My BBA construction class and I have been putting on the roofing, and will be finishing the walls, Lord willing, within the next week. We will have our next group, which arrives in less than two weeks, paint and put the finishing touches on the building.


Other Happenings and Prayer Requests:

  • Besides starting a new study through the book of 1 John in our midweek services, I have also been teaching a class on personal evangelism at both Bayland Baptist Church and Soweto Baptist Church. It has been encouraging to see many new young believers attend these class and have a desire to share their faith.
  • In two weeks, we will host a group of 33 from Oakwood Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. Following shortly after them is a group from Bible Baptist located in Brunswick, Ga.
  • It has been quite a process, but the school property is supposed to be registered (this week) in the name of Bay Baptist Academy. Now we can proceed with the rezoning. Dealing with all the bureaucracy is worse than going to the dentist.
  • Tomorrow, May 26th, Nkandla Baptist Church will host our monthly BFWE youth meeting. These meetings have grown every month, and we have seen many new faces at church as a result. Please pray God would using this in the hearts of our youth to help them determine to glorify Him with their lives.

You are a blessing, and we thank you for all that you do,


Jeremy and Rebekah Hall