Dear Pastor and Friends,

Bay Baptist Academy: The most exciting news about the school over the last month was one of our 1st graders, Qhamani Roqo trusted in Christ as her Lord and Savior. As she was doing her book work, the lesson spoke of man’s condition and need for forgiveness, and her teacher asked her if she had ever received God’s forgiveness for her sin. She informed her teacher that she needed it. After much conversation with another one of our school counsellors, Qhamani professed belief in Jesus for salvation. She is the first of what we hope to be many that will come to know Christ as Savior because of His church getting behind BBA.

Building projects are officially finished (for now). We are enjoying our new chapel. It has made room for growth and expansion as we now have enough space to bring in 20+/- new students. The kids are already enjoying the 1700 square ft slab for breaks and PE (the slab will eventually be used for a new assembly hall). Also, we finished remodelling an old garage on the property into a nice apartment, and it is now occupied by one of our teachers. Thanks again to all the folks who generously donated funds to make these things happen.

Immediate prayer requests concerning the school. 

  • Amanda Baine, our one-year-intern teacher, has decided to follow the Lord and join our team long term. She has played a crucial part in starting the school. Her many years of experience have been a tremendous blessing. We are hoping and praying for her to find a way to raise support quickly so she can continue teaching in January 2023. She is needing to raise personal funds. Currently, she is living in the flatlet supplied by the school. In order to continue to stay and work long term, she will need a visa and enough funds to prove to the government that she will not be a burden on this local economy. She needs to raise a minimum of $2,500 a month support. This support will enable her to get everything needed to stay in the country long term ( i.e. heath insurance, personal expenses, and travel funds). It will also be sufficient to allow her to be a blessing to the school and pay rent for the flatlet which will generate funds for more scholarships.
  • Continue to pray for all the registration and paper work which are in process: the school registration with the government, inspections, the rezoning of the property, the plans for expansion to be approved once the zoning is complete.
  • Scholarships for new students. We would love to be able to take in the 8 new applications for next year. Of those only two have sufficient funds to pay. The other six applications come from local pastor’s kids, and very poor single parent homes. For $130 a month you could change a child’s world and provide a God-honouring education and incredible environment to grow and mature in Christ.

As a church planter, I want everything that I do to point back to Christ and His church. The need for qualified men for the church is overwhelming. This school, our Bible college, ours camps, etc, are all designed to give help to the local church to equip the saints. Our staff all come from our local churches (besides the missionaries). Our prayer is still that God would allow us a part in building His church, to raise up more labourers who would be busy evangelising the lost, discipling the believers, and training more men for the work of the ministry. Please remember the local churches here in Port Elizabeth, in your prayers.

Other Prayer Requests:

  • Growth and maturity in the new believers, and conviction and discomfort for those who have turned back to walking in darkness
  • Salvation for Anathi (16 year old girl), and Khaya (older gentleman),
  • Preparation for an evangelistic medical clinic that we will host here in PE with Medical Missions Outreach at the end of August. We are expecting around 2500 people to come through in just 4-5 days. All will receive medical attention, and a clear presentation of the gospel.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this update and pray for the ministry here in South Africa.

Lord Bless,
Jeremy and Rebekah Hall