Soweto Baptist Church: This month Soweto Baptist Church hosted the monthly combined youth meeting where two teen boys made professions of faith. They also have 4 adults who are currently attending their new member’s class. Last Sunday the church celebrated Heritage Day. There was a great attendance with over 110 people, and two ladies followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. Pastor Mxolisi and his wife Milisa are doing a good work. Please remember them in your prayers.



Bayland Baptist Church: We have experienced a lot of ups and downs in this relatively new work this year. It really is an area with desperate conditions. Shacks have no electricity, no plumbing or water, and most in the community are unemployed. The church has suffered several different spiritual attacks, and the family that lives on the property last week was also physically attacked. Siphelo (the young man who lives on the church property) was breaking up a fight in front of the building between two teen girls, who frequently attend our services, when one of them decided to turn on him. She then proceeded to run to her house and relay to her brother that the guy at the church was fighting with her. Her brother quickly gathered a small mob of people together to go to the church and beat Siphelo. Fortunately, he wasn’t beaten too badly before others were able to step in and help.

Needless to say, the area is full of chaos and confusion. This isn’t the first time misunderstandings have happened and led to mob encounters. I’m not sure exactly what God is doing or has in store for the area, but it seems like Satan isn’t too happy. Last Sunday, we celebrated Heritage day, and talked about “Leaving Your Children With a New Heritage.”  Pray God would protect His people and glorify His Son through our efforts.


Bo’s heath: For those who have not seen updates, 5 months back Bo was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease called MCD Nephrotic Syndrome. He has been on a treatment of steroids 5 different times now. He is now what they consider to be a chronic relapser. Unfortunately, this happened again today. We are uncertain as to the next step. The doctors have talked to us about sending him to different specialist in Cape Town for a biopsy and possibly administering a type of chemotherapy that could help kick-start the kidneys. Currently, it’s just a continuation of more of same steroids in hopes that they will affect the change needed before permanently damaging his kidneys. Please pray for healing and wisdom.


New Property for Bay Baptist High School: After much prayer, counsel and consideration, instead of building a new building for Bay Baptist High School on our current property (which would cost approximately $55-$65K for brick and mortar alone), we made an offer to purchase a property directly across the street from the academy. We have been eyeing the property for some time, but we didn’t expect it to come on the market so soon. Well, last week it did. They were asking R1,495,000, and we were able to get them down to R1,300,000 (with closing cost, that is $78,000). The property comes with two building and sits on 1673m2, which is large for the down town area. It will serve us well with virtually no modifications needed, just a few cosmetic changes. They have given us 60 days to come up with the money. We currently have $10,000 that has been given. This is a massive step of faith. Please pray God will provide the remaining $68,000 needed by the November 20th deadline.

At the academy this month, we also saw our second profession of faith, 8 year old Luphawu Plaatjies. Much like Qhamani last month, Luphawu was reading through one of his books and God used it to help him see his condition. Luphawu spoke with one of our counselors and made the decision to believe on Jesus. Pray for this young boy who has lost both of his parents and lives with his 66 year old grandmother in Soweto on Sea. He now has a blessed hope of a better resurrection.

If you are interested in donating toward the purchase of the property for Bay Baptist High School, click here ( In the dropdown menu “select a designation” please select Bay Baptist Academy, or you can send a check to VMB (att. Bay Baptist Academy).



Thank you so much for your faithfulness to support our ministry through your prayers and finances. We pray the Lord would richly bless you for all that you do!


Jeremy and Rebekah Hall

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