Bay Baptist Academy & High School  | Awards Ceremony and Renovations

We survived our first year! BBA officially closed on December 15 and are now on holiday. We ended the year with our prize giving ceremony. It was awesome. It amazes me to see how many hours are put into preparation for a special one hour ceremony. The staff at BBA did an incredible job all year long.

$82,000 in just two months! God supplied more than our $78,000 needed for the purchase. Though the academy is closed, work is now beginning on the high school property. On Thursday we finally received permission to begin renovations while we still wait for the title deed to be transferred to the school. Our first order of service is to renovate the garage into a flatlet (apartment) for the interns who will be arriving and using it the first week of January. Next, we will have to put up a boundary wall, which is necessary to appease the health inspector. Finally, we will do some minor improvements to the house, making it usable for classroom space.

Prayer requests:

    • Pray for the 9 new students who will be coming in 2023 (specifically salvation)
    • Pray for the funds needed for renovations (flatlet $2,900 more, boundary wall $3,500, and improvements $11,000 +/-)
    • Pray for the registration to be finalized
    • Pray for one of our teachers, Amanda Baine, who is trying try raise personal funds to continue working with us as a full time missionary. She returned to the states on Dec 3 and will be back here on January 31 for the start of the new year. If you or your church would be interested in partnering with her please contact me for more details. She is a vital part to the success of our school.


Bay Baptist College  | Graduation Ceremony

Sunday, December 11, Bay Baptist College graduated 5 men, 4 of which are already serving as pastors in local churches, and one who is headed to Mozambique as a church planting missionary. Our Bible Institute graduated another 3 men, and one lady (my wife). My brother Kevin Hall (who is the director of the college) planned an encouraging and Christ honouring graduation ceremony.


Camp Rhino  | Junior Boys and Girls

We just finished up a week of junior camp. There were many things I witnessed this year that thrilled my soul. First, the 23 young boys and 14 young girls who made professions of faith in Christ for salvation. Also, I loved seeing all the young men and young ladies really enjoy getting training and serving as counsellors. My two oldest (Brayden and Olivia) had the opportunity to work as junior counsellors and both were privileged with winning their first souls to the Lord. My cousin Mark and Amy Coffey have done a good work at Camp Rhino to create an atmosphere conducive to these things to taking place.


Update on Bo’s Health  | Chemo Treatment Complete

Bo officially completed his chemotherapy treatment on December 1. As expected, his  blood tests revealed a very low white blood cell count, but they should be replenished by now. He is off all steroids and, praise the Lord, there have been no relapses with his FRNS so far. Time will tell how effective the treatment was. He has really enjoyed getting out and about again, and especially getting to go back to church.

New Support Address | Special Note From The Vision Baptist Missions Financial Office

Vision Baptist Missions will use a new PO Box for missionary support and mail. The new address is below:

Vision Baptist Missions, Inc.
PO Box 647
Dawsonville, GA 30534

Specifically, to support our family and ministry, make all checks payable to Vision Baptist Missions,  write “Jeremy Hall” in the memo section,  for the Academy or High School , write, “Bay Baptist Academy” in the memo section.


Merry Christmas and thank you for all that you do!

Jeremy and Rebekah Hall